dry ageing

Dry ageing is a time honoured process in which beef develops the finest in rich flavour and texture. In our dedicated dry ageing cabinet we do only one thing; dry age the finest beef available. Our dry ageing cabinet is monitored for precise temperature, relative humidity and air circulation. Along with specific UV lighting, we achieve true traditional dry aged beef. You will enjoy the rich heritage of dry ageing tailor made to your specifications. You can choose your own meat from our counters, and the length of time desired for ageing for your desired profile. Simply speak to our butchers to set up your custom dry aged meat.


Unlike other providers, we do not pre-portion or pre-pack our meats. Our butchers cut, slice, chop, pound, stuff, score and tie your meat on the spot, right before your eyes, the way you want it. This way, you get to have it the way you like it to be. Be it lamb crowns or roulades, we have the expertise to ensure that you have it the way you want it.


Upon request, we can also vacuum pack your purchases to seal in freshness and extend its shelf life in the refrigerator.


We provide free marinating service for all our meats. Using air-flown spices from Switzerland, we can bring out the best flavours of the meat through the use of perfectly suited spices and marinades.

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