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Sekar - 04-Apr-2017

Sekar came to Singapore in 2012...

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Qing Tao - 01-Mar-2017

Qing Tao came to Singapore in 2012 from Shandong ...

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David Soh - 01-Feb-2017

David will have to go on stage ...

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Chia Hwee - 02-Jan-2017

Chia Hwee, one of the members on...

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Jocelyn Monterde - 01-Dec-2016

our Purchasing Coordinator

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Eddy Yap - 01-Nov-2016

Eddy received his long service award this year at the annual company dinner...

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Tiong Aun - 01-Oct-2016

Tiong Aun joined us in mid 2011 after ...

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Lewis Tan - 01-Sep-2016

Senior Butcher Supervisor

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Roy Ser - 01-Aug-2016

Roy, our Driver Manager for the wholesale division ...

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Paulraj Arockiyasamy - 01-Jul-2016

Paulraj is our butcher supervisor working from ...

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Cindy Huang - 01-Jun-2016

Cindy joined us as a part time cashier back in 2011 to help us with ...

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Wee Kiat - 01-May-2016

He prefers to be called Gatt

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Gabriel Layug Rominque - 01-Apr-2016

Gabriel joined us as ...

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Yue Ming - 01-Mar-2016

When Yue Ming joined us ...

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Justice Yeo - 01-Feb-2016

Justice joined us in late 2013.

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Raman Thayagarajan - 01-Jan-2016

He got married just recently ...

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Khai Liang - 01-Dec-2015

He must be one of the youngest

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Chan Chi Wai - 01-Nov-2015

Chi Wai (we call him by his family name, Chan) ...

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Cindy Kam - 01-Oct-2015

Cindy had been working in the ...

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Peng Yanlei - 01-Sep-2015

Born in China, Peng Yanlei came ...

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Lucas Lok - 01-Aug-2015

With his thick and black rimmed glasses

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Ariella - 01-Jul-2015

Though she is ...

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Felicia Chan - 01-Jun-2015

Felicia is an avid home ...

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Chin San - 01-May-2015

It has been more than ...

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Anthony - 01-Apr-2015

Anthony first came to ...

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Gina - 01-Mar-2015

Gina, the one who makes sure ..

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Parimel - 01-Feb-2015

You may be able to tell that ...

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Maria - 01-Jan-2015

Maria, our Administrative ...

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